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WATCH: The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic
If you've never been to the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, trying to visualize just how huge the event is might be difficult. The feeling, the colors, the excitement, the community - it's all so incredible! We've put together a video just to give you a little tease until we see you …
Balloon Classic Clothing Vendor
Fawn & Foal is the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic's official clothing vendor for this year and they're making speciality products for this exciting event!
Click here to check out Fawn & Foal's Balloon Classic products
Make the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Your Perfect Date
What's more romantic than a night time picnic lit by hot air balloon? How about soaring in a hot air balloon in the gorgeous morning sky while holding your special someone in your arms? That's what you can experience during this year's Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic presented by…
Giveaway: Early Morning Coffee For You And Your Co-Workers
Wake up, make coffee, take shower, get dressed, prepare for chaos. Repeat. Sound anything like your mornings? Shake it up a bit! One of the most unique events in the world happens right here in Boise... fuel up on Moxie Java for free while starting your day the hot air balloon way - make it the best…