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About The Event Producers

Scott Spencer

Scott Spencer, President of Lighter Than Air America, Incorporated, a Boise based company has produced and directed over thirty major ballooning events in the last forty years including all Boise River Festival and Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic events held in Ann Morrison Park.

While Scott manages and directs the operational aspects of ballooning events, it’s his better half, Laurie Spencer, who manages the logistics involved in bringing the pilots and crews into Boise (or any other area) for an event.

Both Scott & Laurie are quick to point out that while they may lead the charge, it’s the hard work of many staff and volunteers that actually get the event into the air each morning.

Laurie Spencer

Scott says, “Without our regular Balloon Rally Team there is no event. Our guys have been with us, literally every one of them, since the first event at the River Festival right through the Boise 2000 Celebration and they are still here working with us on this event, they are the best in the business.”

For additional information on Scott & Laurie and their ballooning business, be sure and visit them at www.scottspencer.net.