Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

Giveaway: Early Morning Coffee For You And Your Co-Workers
Wake up, make coffee, take shower, get dressed, prepare for chaos. Repeat. Sound anything like your mornings? Shake it up a bit! One of the most unique events in the world happens right here in Boise... fuel up on Moxie Java for free while starting your day the hot air balloon way - make it the best…
This Event is Unique!
If you're interested or on the fence about attending the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic presented by Affinity Mortgage, there are many unique aspects that anyone will enjoy. The event provides an exciting, family oriented production to the community of Boise, Idaho at no charge...
What Makes A Balloon Fly?
It's like something from a dream and seems impossible in real life. How does a hot air balloon actually fly?
It’s science. If our science teachers would have told us we could learn to fly, we would have perked up a bit!