Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Day Three
Photo by: Kekeluv, Townsquare Media

The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is more than just balloons. This historic week is about our community. From friends and family gathering together for an early morning smile, to kids lighting up in pure joy - there's something magical about this annual event.

This year, with Disney's acquiring of LucasFilm, we were able to bring both Yoda and Darth Vader balloons to this year's event! But that's not all. Our local radio station 103.5 KISS-FM was able to develop a relationship with the 501st and the Takodana Base in the Rebel Legion who make you feel like you're on the Death Star in person!

The characters will be performing at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic all weekend! Check out their involvement with this year's event so far, with the gallery below!